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Concept of system Marketing Tangibility, intangibility Netwokrs, infrastructures Sustainability Social Aspects and parnterships Industrial process
Goedkoop· et al., 1999 A marketable set of products and services capable of jointly fulfilling a user's need. The PS system is provided either by a single company or by an alliance of companies. It can enclose products (or just one) plus additional services. It can enclose a service plus an additional product. And product and service can be equally important for the function fulfilment. * *

Manzini et al.,


A business innovation strategy offering a marketable mix of

Products and services jointly capable of fulfilling client needs

And/or wants with higher added value and a smaller environmental impact as compared to an existing system or product.

* *
Mont, 2002

A system of products, services, supporting networks and

Infrastructure that is designed to be: competitive, satisfy customer needs and have a lower environmental impact than traditional business models.

* * * *


Vezzoli, 2003

A product service system (PSS) can be defined as "an innovation strategy, shifting the business focus from designing (and selling) physical products only, to designing (and selling) a system of products and services which are jointly capable of fulfilling specific client demands”. * *
Tukker, 2004 A system consisting of tangible products and intangible services designed and combined so that they Jointly are capable of fulfilling specific customer needs. * * *

Halme et al.,


Products and services which can simultaneously fulfill people's needs and considerably reduce the use of materials and energy * *


Meroni, 2006

An advanced industrialised solution based on collaboration between social players, which gives rise to both effective and efficient, highly contextualised services * *
Morelli, 2006 A social construction, based on "attraction forces" (such as goals, expected results and problem-solving criteria) which catalyse the participation of several partners. A PSS is a result of a value coproduction process within such a partnership. Its effectiveness IS based on a shared vision of possible and desirable scenarios. * *

Baines et al.,


A market proposition that extends the traditional functionality of a product by incorporating additional services. *
Meier et al., 2010 An Industrial Product-Service System is characterized by the integrated and mutually determined planning, development, provision and use of product and service shares including its immanent software components in Business-to-Business applications and represents a knowledge-intensive socio-technical system * * *

Boehm, Thomas,


A Product-Service System (PSS) is an integrated bundle of products and service which aims at creating customer utility and generating value * *
Furrer, 1997

A product-service is a service supplied in addition to a product increasing its value for the customers

Note: Considering labor forces distribution, added value and gross domestic product sharing out in developing and developed countries, the service economy is growing even in the manufacturing area. Services constitute a source of innovation whatever the sector of activities. Manufacturers propose services around the product they deliver.

Brandsotter 2003 PSS consists of tangible products and intangible services, designed and combined so that they are jointly fulfilling specific customer needs. Additionally PSS tries to reach the goals of sustainable development.
SUSPRONET (http://www.suspronet.org/) Product-service is defined as a value proposition that consists of a mix of tangible products and intangible service designed and combined so that they are jointly capable of fulfilling integrated, final customer needs and a product-service system (PSS) as the product-service including the network and infrastructure needed to ‘produce’ a product-service.